Safe Space Defenders is a turn based tactics game about defending the safe space from people who want to destroy it. You are a diverse crew of witches, vuvuzelists, bears, lumberdykes, and doggos, set upon by a dangerous onslaught of demon-jerks, vampire-fashtubers, fedora-bros, and the rich-nimby-men who fund them. Use magic, vuvuzela doots, and constant borking to scare away the opposition!


  • Hold escape to quit!
  • Hit M to toggle music!
  • Move camera with WASD & scrollwheel!
  • Switch characters with the shift key!
  • Switch attacks with the alt key!
  • Point and click to give orders!
  • Stand adjacent for solidarity bonuses!
  • Surround foes for flanking bonuses!

Created in two weeks for Rainbow Jam 2018 by Lauren H.


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