Pocket Dimensions RL

You are a Portal Wizard, recently graduated from the Portal Wizard Academy. But on your graduation day, a cabal of evil wizards, using the power of the legendary Wand of Nerual, shattered the world into separate pockets of space!

As a freshly minted Portal Wizard, you have the power to manipulate the gateways connecting these disjointed pocket realities. With this power, you will traverse the shattered world, find the Wand of Nerual, and with it, make the world whole again!

Unfortunately, you skipped class the day they taught fighting at the Portal Wizard Academy. You will have to rely on your skills of running, pushing and shoving, and drinking coffee.

How to Play


  • Numpad, arrow keys, or VI keys (hjklyubn)
  • '.' to wait a turn.


  • 'i' to open Inventory. 'g' to Get items.
  • 'z' to Zap your held wand.
  • Some items have unexpected effects. For instance, good coffee is very, very hot. Try melting glaciers if you get stuck.

Portal manipulation:

  • 'o' to Open adjacent portals. 'c' to Close them.
  • 'a' to Acquire a portal, 'd' to Drop it.
  • You can only hold one portal at a time. Portals realign on both ends when you drop them, sometimes significantly. Use this to bypass obstacles!


  • 'x' to eXamine your surroundings.
  • '?' to print instructions.


Created by Lauren H for 7DRL 2019, using the rot.js Javascript library.

Sourcecode on github.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorLauren H
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, ascii, Experimental, Fantasy, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Turn-based
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout an hour


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This is a hell of a game, gunna be checking out that sourcecode!


Didnt know my fave gave on here also made my 2nd fave game :O

(1 edit) (+1)

I kept getting killed by goblins and then I drowned :o

Wow, it is amazing to explore this world! All these different areas with all the details in it - plants that can be cut down, water of different depth, areas with different temperature, icy walls that can be melt by drinking a hot cup of coffee! ;-)

I first mistook the portals as doors and got confused completely. But once I learned that they are portals this all made sense. I like how the same area can be attached nearly anywhere and that the same area can be entered from different directions depending on where you put the portal. And I like how the portals somehow still just behave like doors. You can open and close them and if they are open, monsters can follow you thru them and you can just see thru them as if they where open doors!

Up to now I did not manage to collect any wands. So I will definitely play this one again to find out how they work.