It's time to take out the trash!

This dungeon, converted into an apartment complex, is full of trash. It's everywhere! Absolutely filthy. There's only one thing to do...

Put the garbage down the garbage chute!

Together with your friends and/or internet strangers, you must collect the trash, and you must put it all down the garbage chute. Or carry it directly to the garbage room if you're already on the main floor. Let no garbage be left un-discarded!

An exciting and dynamic multiplayer experience!

Exist in a multi-user apartment complex / dungeon with other people! Take out the trash. Express all known human thoughts and emotions (about garbage) via the highly innovative garbage chat system.


  • A garbage chute and/or 50%-functioning elevator shaft.
  • Absolutely thrilling multiplayer Player vs. Garbage gameplay
  • Garbage
  • EFT's (Extremely Fungible Trash)
  • Garbage chat

How to play

  1. Move around with the arrow keys.
  2. Interact with the world via the provided buttons.
  3. Pick up the trash.
  4. Put the trash into the garbage chute until the garbage room is full.


Created by Lauren H for the 7 Day Roguelike challenge (7DRL).

Check out the code on GitHub!

Makes use of Twemoji for some players, furniture, and garbage.


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Interesting game. In about 3 hours I dumped ALL items to lowest floor. Now I'm curious. What will happen if total number of "garbage" items and/or furniture more than total available space at ground level?

Powerful! Truly, you are Master Over All Garbage 🦝

As for what happens, that is something I don't think I actually tested. I did set a maximum search radius of 50 tiles, so it shouldn't be an infinite loop. But, items might start to vanish into the ether. Or float. Only one way to find out!


Testing this will require either luck (to get small number of tiles on 1st floor) or much more items...