Welcome to the Pumpkin Oubliette!

The date is October 31st. You ordered an extremely important package from an online retailer, but there was a typo in the delivery address. Tracking indicates that, instead of being delivered to your home, it has been delivered HERE! You have no choice but to journey deep into the deepest and most feared dungeon in town; the dangerous place where pumpkins and their associates reign...


The Pumpkin Oubliette is an attempt to meld a roguelike with a text based adventure game. The game world and its denizens are generated in a roguelike manner, but play is controlled by choosing text options, like "move north" or "Pet Sally the cat". The results will strike fear into your bones!


Created by Lauren H as a Halloween experiment.

Check out the code on GitHub!

Makes use of Twemoji for some tiles.